In between

This semester has been something. An adventure. A growing time. A semester filled with lessons and maturing experiences. In just over a month I will be leaving Texas for the next four months to study abroad at University of Dallas’s Rome campus in Due Santi (named “The Two Saints” for St. Peter and St. Paul).Continue reading “In between”

Memories from Freshman Year at University of Dallas

(Scroll down past the photos šŸ™‚ ) In honor of my Sophomore year of college beginning in three weeks, I thought Iā€™d write about Freshman year, because of nostalgia. First few days of orientation, feeling a bit nervous but also that kind of butterflies-in-my-stomach excited about what is about to begin, and so totally intoContinue reading “Memories from Freshman Year at University of Dallas”

Strike the match, strike it now//we’re a perfect match, perfect somehow

Strike the match, strike the match now We’re a perfect match, perfect somehow We were meant for one another Come a little closer Flame you came to me Fire meet gasoline -“Fire meet Gasoline” by Sia How about a sappy post now? A sappy post about pairings in film/TV/literature whose stories and development strike meContinue reading “Strike the match, strike it now//we’re a perfect match, perfect somehow”