The Road to Damietta…

So tonight, Easter vigil, I spent a little while sketching in Adobe CC…and lo and behold! The story called The Road to Damietta by Scott O’Dell popped up into my head and I found myself idly drawing St. Francis Bernadone and the fictional main character Ricca, who develops a deep admiration for the bold young St. Francis as he begins his ministry in the Italian countryside. It is a fascinating, beautiful and haunting story. O’Dell does a marvelous job of capturing the time and characters and I plan to re-read it before journeying to Italy next year. I pray that I’ll get to visit Assisi, the hometown of St. Francis. There’s a statue of him on the UD campus!


francis and ricca

Published by Rebecca Elise

I'm 24. ENFP. Writer. Artist. Student {UD '19} I write and draw what is I'm passionate about (i.e. Theology, history, literature...and my favorite films/shows, like Star Wars!

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