A Merry Christmas to ye all


So, I’m a bad, bad blogger. Like, I cannot make myself consistent in this. Why???

Anyways, with that bit out of the way, I thought I’d blog about Christmas and all the stuff that came with it this year.

I had a jaw surgery, which I probably mentioned earlier. This included going under anasthesia for several hours and then waking up very discomfited and befuddled. And then I proceeded into recovery period, the beginning of which included drinking up my medicines like a good child, although medicine is the absolutely worst thing to me. I would rather have a shot, even a huge needle, to escape having to taste nasty medications on my tongue. Pain medications rendered me hazy-minded and weird-feeling and looks in the mirror revealed a strange face–extremely swollen. The swollen has decreased tremendously since the surgery, which was at the very end of November. I’ve been on a strict liquid diet for the past weeks and that will continue until late January.

Last night I stayed up late, listening to music and looking at my little blue fairy lights wound round the iron railings of my daybed. I was thinking about my Meriwether Lewis headcanons, because my imagination is still very active in that department. And I also reflected on how different it will be next year at this time of year. I’ll be in my own bed but it will only be for the holiday visit, because I’ll be living in my dorm at my University by then. I’ll be so exhilarted to have finals over while at the same time excited about the upcoming second semester of my Freshman year as a college student. So many unknowns abound in the future. So many possibilities and events. I’m graduating this May. My parents are taking my sister and I on a senior trip (to some cute little towns in South Texas where I plan on finding some nicknacks and stuff for college/future life). I just cannot wait. I’ll be 19 next June. So close to the big 2-0.

Christmas was blessed this year. I was able to afford the kinds of presents I’ve always wanted to give since I have my own income and I got to listen to Christmas music on my car radio–my own car’s radio (on the way to an after-surgery check-up). I love the way the lights on the Christmas tree and bannister wreath reflects on the glass windows in our front hallway. I love the way my Dad turns Christmas music on almost every morning throughout December before Christmas. I love how my church’s worship team sings songs like O Holy Night, and the words, “a thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices” echoes throughout the sanctuary . . . goodness, do I love this time of year. It was harder than other years, in some ways. I somewhat resented being unable to go out and shop and get out and about like I usually do every year, or run in the crisp December air when I feel like it, or eat a holiday treat. But there are beautiful things about this season that completely outweighs the bad. Family. Smiling. Being together. presents!!! And of course, best for last, the reminder that our Lord came into the world to save it from destruction.

For Christmas I received so many awesome things:

Books!!! (The complete works of C.S. Lewis, an analysis of The Ransom Trilogy by David C. Downing, Heaven to Betsy & Betsy in Spite of Herself by Maud Hart Lovelace, and a couple of devotionals)

A leather-bound journal

A CD compiling music made in tribute to C.S. Lewis’s works

A new phone case for my samsung galaxy–it looks like a quilt! :3

A little pen stylus with which to draw on my phone’s sketchbook pro app

A “lamb blanket” (a very soft, warm downy blanket–it looks like a sheep-skin on one side)

A gift-card to an online art supply store

A gift-card to Starbucks

Hot chocolate (because of my liquid diet!)

Mascara and lip-gloss

Fingerless knit gloves

More gloves that my fancy phone-screen can read so my fingers won’t freeze off on walks/runs

Lots of cute clothes

Col-erase animation pencils + a special sharpener for them

An infinity Stars-and-Stripes scarf + another blue-violet-sapphire one

A ceramic tea-pot

A ceramic green soup bowl

A pretty blue mug with lovely scripture on it

A new plushy pillow

A new Alphonse Mucha sketchbook

An embroidered purse from Thailand from my aunt!!!

An art book by Andrew Loomis

Two kittens! One orange-striped one and one grey one . . . they will adorn my bed very well, and I’m totally taking them with me to college (they’re stuffed, duh–the most my parents can bear in this house! :P)

A GPS for my sister and I to share

Aaand a get-well basket from my big sister, because she is very sweet (it included a cute bear I named Jean, lots of hot-chocolate, Inception, Kirk Cameron’s Monumental, fuzzy socks, a cute magnet, and a copy of The Christmas Carol)

Merry Christmas to you all, and hopefully I will return soon!

Published by Rebecca Elise

I'm 24. ENFP. Writer. Artist. Student {UD '19} I write and draw what is I'm passionate about (i.e. Theology, history, literature...and my favorite films/shows, like Star Wars!

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