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On Saturday my sister and I leave for Washington state to visit our best-friends-since-childhood, and I can hardly wait. This means no writing for a week (no typing on the computer, that is, and therefore more procrastination. o.O

I love, ABSOLUTELY, love, the Northwest. It is such a beautiful part of the country. Last time I went in 2012, we visited Fort Clatsop, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Bainbridge Island. We went salmon fishing with our friends’ grandfather on the Puget Sound. The memories stay with me and delight me, two years later, as I prepare for a second trip north. I’m a Texan, fyi, so it is awesome when I can step out of my state and check out other states. Like last year, I took a trip to Virginia to visit PHC for a teen Strategic Intelligence Camp. And visited Monticello. (Oh my goodness, I barely contained my excitement. Visiting the home of one of my favorite Founding Fathers? I think yes!)Trip to VA 2013 055

We also visited Michie’s Tavern, but I’m digressing. We’re discussing the Northwest here. Not VA. πŸ˜›

I must say, I don’t know if I’ll sleep much tomorrow night. We’ll be waking up early, and then off on a four hour flight. Here are some pictures from my last trip, with captions! If any of ya’ll have been to the Northwest, or live there, what do ya’ll like best about it?

From my seat on the plane. Yes, we got stuck by the wing on my FIRST plane ride. Dang. #no-view
From my seat on the plane. Yes, we got stuck by the wing on my FIRST plane ride. Dang. #no-view
Fish at Pike’s Place! For the record, I don’t really like seafood, except for Salmon, shrimp, and talapia. ONLY if it is seasoned in the right way. πŸ˜›
We went to the original Starbucks at Pike’s Place. This is Megan, one of our Twinsie BFFs (who we’re going to visit all week!!!)
Fish throwing at Pike’s Place!
The market at Pike’s Place! So amazing! We got to try chocolate pasta, and bubble tea.
The gum wall. (bleh) I’m the one holding the jean jacket! πŸ˜€
Another pretty Starbucks in Seattle
We tried Ivars, and I ate fried fish for the first time. The sea gulls swooped everywhere, which was kinda unnerving. Ha.
Moar seagulls
And we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island! I loved the feel of the boat swaying beneath my feet.
Puget Sound and Sailboats!
And duh, I totally met Seaman in a flower garden by the water gates in Seattle. I arranged it with Meriwether Lewis, yeah. (I wish!) But I could not believe my luck, at meeting a Newfoundland in the Northwest. Seaman! I hugged him (the owners gave me permission to pet their beautiful dog)
A photoshoot on the railroad tracks got the four of us teen girls some publicity. A group from Texas stared at us for a while, they wanted to learn the ways of crazy Washingtonians who take photos on railroad tracks. (BUT we’re Texans! lol) See, the creeper in the background has a TEXAS shirt on!
In a phone booth, yep
Being from the flatlands of TX, I couldn’t get over the TREES. THEY ARE REAL TREES, NOT LITTLE SCRAWNY BUSHES THAT ARE HERE IN DFW. WUT
I literally could not wrap my mind around Mount Rainier’s hugeness. Look at those buildings down at the bottom! That was the mountain museum, hotel, and tourist center. Even looking at this photo takes my breath away. The Northwest really has magnificence.
I snapped a shot of this because it says CHINOOK. Like, the Chinook Indians, who Lewis and Clark stayed with during the winter of 1805-06. So of course I had to take a picture of a sign saying Chinook in this region.
Fort Clatsop! When I beheld this sign I might have hyperventilated a bit. Because if you didn’t know, I sort of really love Lewis and Clark
At Fort Clatsop, the national park, we went on a river walk and at lunch in a picnic area with a replica Lewis and Clark canoe. We took a land-ride.
A blurry pic of me at Lewis’s desk inside the captain’s quarters at Fort Clatsop. Wearing a Chinook hat! *grin*
In the tourist center museum at Fort Clatsop! Lewis and Clark!!!!Β 


So after Fort Clatsop (which constituted an amazing, awesome time with my older sister’s mother-in-law, who lived in Portland back then), we hastened over to Cannon Beach in Oregon. This included walking on the sunny beach, running into icy ocean water, splashing, getting wet, walking through the small seaside town of Cannon Beach, stopping at an ice-cream shop, and marvelously enjoying ourselves. What a day!
The next day on the way back to Seattle from Portland we took a tour of Mt. St. Helens. On the way we stopped at several tourist centers and mountainside overlooks. Here is a statue of an elk, because elk are awesome. We glimpsed them from afar as they moved around in the huge barren valley of Mt. St. Helens’ destruction. Texas doesn’t have elk. We have deer. But no elk. 😦 I want an elk
The valley by Mt. St. Helens, still affected by the blast in the 80’s. Wow. But it is so beautiful!
On the way to the Mt. St. Helens main tourist center we stopped inside a mountain-lodge restaurant, where we enjoyed huge sandwiches and soda, and warmth. There is Megan, and my sister Abby, and my mom!
More mountain pictures!

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