My INFP Likes Your INTJ

Because I am INFP, this is very revelant to me. Especially since I am attracted to NT types. Even though you should never put yourself or others in a box, I have taken the Kiersey personality test and ended up with results of being most compatible with the ENTJ or INTJ (I am primarily introverted, but I can be extroverted when I need (or want) to be.

The Other Courtney

Isaac and I lounged on opposite couches in our living room, tears rolling down our faces from laughing so hard. It was near midnight, way past my bedtime, but we couldn’t stop reading, it was just too good. It felt like someone had spent a year studying my husband in his natural habitat and wrote a three page report on his behavior, characteristics, mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies. No, It wasn’t his horoscope. It was a website that gives full detailed explanations and descriptions of the Myers-Briggs personality types.

We have both known our four-lettered personality types for awhile, I learned mine in therapy and he in business school (haha), but we’ve never sat down and talked about them. When Isaac asked my dad permission to marry me, our personality types was one of the topics discussed because my dad knows the importance of understanding your mate’s personality type. He couldn’t have been…

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Published by Rebecca Elise

I'm 24. ENFP. Writer. Artist. Student {UD '19} I write and draw what is I'm passionate about (i.e. Theology, history, literature...and my favorite films/shows, like Star Wars!

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