Those things that amplify the harmonious strains of life, when the cacophony threatens to drown the beauty out . . . oh, how I cherish them, and sometimes I undervalue them. Sometimes they are small things, minute details which prick me as precisely as a needle, and send “feels” right along through me, daring me to smile in response. There are more significant things, like deepening a friendship, realizing a dream, figuring out a part of your future . . . these all create that wondrous rhythm, and I thank God it all. I’ll be flying over the asphalt of my neighborhood road, my ponytail whipping out behind, only my toes touching the ground lightly. I’ll fling my head back and see the brilliance of the sky, an ocean poised above earth, sort of like in that movie Upside Down. And I’ll laugh, as I fly, spreading out my arms and gratitude swelling up. I live for those moments, because sometimes there are moments of despair, shadow, a dread penumbra that threatens, a grimacing facade that could shatter my life, if I let it. Sometimes I wear the grimacing facade, and let it define me. Sometimes the dreams and future alarm me, for they haven’t been unsheathed yet, and the Unknown evokes discomfort in me. It always has.

Anyways. Here are those brilliant bits of life that as a whole comprise a masterpiece . . .

-wearing my best-friend-since-childhood’s bracelet that she sent to me from Hawaii, to the ACT test and Prom

Purchasing an expensively professional art tablet; a cintiq 13HD (ohhhh my goodness, I could implode with excitement, just thinking about it)

-Wearing my University of Dallas T-shirt, because it is a reminder of where my road is headed for college years

-Watching Wives and Daughters for a second time with my sister, grandma, and mom, and falling in love with the magnificent loveliness of it all over again, catching details that I missed the first time.:)

-Attending the huge homeschool prom in Dallas, the theme of it being “Journey through Literature” (can I just say . . . YESSS!)

-Taking the kids I nanny to the park in their neighborhood, which included hurrying down the sidewalk with the two little girls while pushing an adorable baby in his stroller. I’m so blessed to take care of the darlins!

-my wonderful friend bring Starbucks over to my house, because I didn’t have a car to drive to meet her at the actual Starbucks location. It made my day, and we spent several hours talking about everything (blogging, prom, fooood, guys ^.^)

-Singing along in a British accent to “Pompeii” by Bastille on the way home from work, and laughing as I remember this tumblr post (paraphrased): “When I get the results for my test, the lyrics from “Pompeii” run through my head–But if you close your eyes . . . .HOW AM I GOING TO BE AN OPTIMIST ABOUT THIS?”) when it comes to math and science, this is way too true. *sigh*

-Getting my new Dell laptop (with a touchscreen, powerful drive, et cetera) in the mail. I’m terribly impatient, so when it came I almost screamed. I am still on the verge of screaming, as I use it. Well, maybe not screaming. Probably I’ll just break down and start caressing it, hissing, “my preciousss” (P.S. I’m in my bedroom ALONE, so it wouldn’t matter #introvertedweirdness)

-Drinking hot chocolate, even though it is wayy too hot here in Texas. 80 degrees. Ugh.

-Drinking the said hot chocolate with marshmallows, m&m’s melted in the bottom of the huge mug. Mmmmm . . .

-Listening to the Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney) soundtrack. It is one of my absolute favorites, especially for the music. Now I need to read the book, although it is heartbreaking fact that the book is hugely tragic. Gah.

-Working on an illustration for my art class

-Scanning Pinterest, Tumblr, and Deviantart, savoring each masterful work created by the artists I admire considerably.

-Planning to sign up for a Digital Media/Animation camp at the Art Institute of Dallas for their Summer Studio high-school courses.

-Writing further scenes for my story

-Coming up with a new idea for a historical story

Published by Rebecca Elise

I'm 24. ENFP. Writer. Artist. Student {UD '19} I write and draw what is I'm passionate about (i.e. Theology, history, literature...and my favorite films/shows, like Star Wars!

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