Have some hot chocolate + a poem

10312451_437226573088514_3310061218135208916_nIt’s Monday morning. My alarm went off at six, even though I went to bed at almost three. But then again, I have always viewed sleep as an overrated pastime. Spooned up the fluffy creaminess of greek yogurt, bananas and berries mixed in with it, and then heated up a mug of water, poured in the hot chocolate mix, because every day is just fine for hot chocolate. Maybe even in the middle of summer, during a movie.

And now, here is a poem I wrote a couple weeks ago, when I needed desperately to write something. Writer’s block, ya’ll. It’s annoyingly mainstream.

I wonder if it is all over, if it is going to fall apart
Before it does, and when does, how do
You know what it would look like, a form of art
Disjointed and shattered, but whole, true
To the heart of the hands, a pulsing Verity
But where do we go when it does undo,
A fine rippling, threads of a tapestry.
How does it repair, not in lieu
But in chaotic disorder, when must turn
Aside from Reason and believe in spite
Of The Logic of Homo sapiens. learn
To trust, to see darkness as absence of Light
And Light as a prevalent way to reason
Complete without the shadows, entire
In composition, no matter the season
However much our demands require
Explanation has no ground
However much gravity pulls us down
Away from Heaven’s undiluted sound
We give ourselves scepters and crowns
Which do not belong
We blindly speak and see and understand
Nothing, but the veritas of our long
egocentric universe,





Published by Rebecca Elise

I'm 24. ENFP. Writer. Artist. Student {UD '19} I write and draw what is I'm passionate about (i.e. Theology, history, literature...and my favorite films/shows, like Star Wars!

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